Saturday, 14 January 2012

Feline Rock Classification

Igneous cats from the Northern Virginia Community College blog.

Maybe you don't need to visit the glossary after all?


  1. See Geologists can have a laugh!

  2. Yes Mark, but the humour is atrocious and will ultimately give the schist's (ouch)!!!

  3. We really need to get our schist together... Have a Gneiss day all... Just remember, geologists dont take everything for granite... oh... I will stop now.

  4. Enough of the puns guys!
    Rod can you help me, I want to do a post on the Glowing Cross of Lismore next week. Have you ever heard of it, a crazy story? Here are 2 links which explain.

    Do you think there could be a geological reason for its luminescence? Or is it a harbinger for the road to Nimbin?
    Thanks Mark

  5. Hi Mark,

    The Glowing Cross: I've heard of it! The tales predate the Nimbin smoke haze so I think there could have been something in it.

    Could be something to to with natural radioactivity in the particular piece of granite interacting with the air around (granites usually have some radiation associated with them) or maybe something to do with the conductivity of the rock creating "St Elmo's fire" (this occurs on ships and in planes) in humid and stormy weather or maybe just a miracle?!