Monday, 15 October 2012

Northern Rivers Geology Blog Update #2

It has been exactly one year since I started this blog. I have had around 15 000 page views over that time but strangely today, blogger has reset my statistics so I'm now in the dark about what was the most popular.

Thank you to everyone for your continuing visits and comments, thank you too to those that have made suggestions for improvements. I think the biggest thing is that I need to re-read what I have written before posting. My grammar and spelling can be shockingly bad! I also need to get to some long promised topics such as the Demon Fault, New England Granites and the Macley River valley.

Thanks again to all.

later edit: The statistics seem to be working again.

There has been about 15 800 pageviews

The most popular posts to date were:

Why you won't find CSG here now
Mythical geology at the mouth of the Tweed River
Walloon Coal Measures of the Southern Clarence-Moreton Basin
Geology in the air
The 'older' Rhyolite in the North East

The major referring sites were:

Google (Search Engine)
Wikipedia (Online Encyclopedia)
Clarence Valley Today (Blog)
Look and See New England (Blog)
Aussie Sapphire (Forum)

alas, about 10% of the page views seem to be bots but that is still nearly 15 000 page views.


  1. Happy 1st Birthday NRG, always a thought provoking and erudite read, Well Done Rod.

    1. Thanks again Mark. Thanks for the birthday wishes and thanks for coming back!

  2. I read your blog when I come online, Rod.

    However I can't always think of an intelligent comment to leave!

    1. Yet, you always have. I hope you get the time to continue on your own blog reguarly as I always enjoy reading yours.

    2. Thanks, Rod, yes, I do hope I don't fade away again. I had ideas of using wi-fi and giving up the landline, but it was slow and I found with visiting other blogs the Gbs soon mounted up. Back on a wireless landline plan now and very satisfactory.