Friday, 19 April 2013

100,000 Geotourism Maps

Geoz had an article this week titled New South Wales holidays all mapped out. This article refers to a new map which has been developed which should help those that would like to know more about the physical features of the areas they are touring. The Geoz article is reproduced below:

The first state Geotourism Map in Australia has been released by Cartoscope Pty. Ltd. This NSW map features 96 sites and has an accompanying website so that users can get extensive geological detail in layman's terms and maps on each site. The map was supported by a TQUAL grant and sponsors helped lessen some of the costs. So far 15,000 of the 100,000 maps have been distributed mostly to visitor centres and many to secondary schools science departments. The map is receiving very favourable comments both from geoscientists and tourism information services. Accompanying website:

There are several areas which relate to our Northern Rivers:
I hope you find something for your area or something you’d like to look at while travelling through.


  1. The Clarence Headland Weathering link is good. Much of the information applies to the headland at the Bluff, Iluka also. Last Sunday we were at Brooms Head, another interesting spot just south of Yamba (I blogged about it if you're interested Rod).

    1. Thanks Karen. I saw the pictures you'd placed on your blog and I wondered where they were. I thought they were nearby. Thanks for visiting again and thanks for your wonderful photos.