Sunday, 19 May 2013

Lismore GEMFEST 2013

Back from another trip to Hospital for my daughter meant that we were ready to go out and enjoy the late Autumn sunshine. It was good timing too because Lismore Gemfest had started for the weekend.

Gemfest is a lovely combination of professional and amateur sellers of gems, minerals, fossils and jewelry. I found Frank, the fellow from Sydney that I'd bought some good mineral specimens off last year so I added some more to my collection. Frank is an interesting seller because he sells what he finds and what he finds is in Australia, so you know you are getting local examples. Mind you my collection is really just a selection of boring looking minerals with very little value. For instance this time I got hold of some muscovite, tourmaline, wolframite and epidote - quite valueless but interesting to me. The value is in the fun of collecting.

Again, this year Gemfest was full of great diversity of sellers and some good food stalls. I enjoyed my steak sandwich for lunch. I managed to take a few snaps of the end of Saturday but I forgot to take pictures inside the professional dealers area. Oh, well. Something to do next year. In the mean time here are a few snaps:

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