Saturday, 7 June 2014

Blog Update #5

It has been about a year since my last blog update. I'm pleased with how well the blog is ticking along though I've been a bit slow in posting sometimes and I am still neglecting many areas. The area between Camden Haven and Coffs Harbour is regularly neglected, so too the New England highlands. I also tend to leave at least one typo per post! Not for the first time I will try and remedy these issues in future posts.

The next few months will have a focus on several areas:

  • Continuing on the hydrogeology theme;
  • Points of interest in the Macleay River catchment;
  • The Mount Warning Central Complex;
  • Recent reviews of the upper stratigraphy of the Clarence-Moreton Basin;
  • Some more posts on gas resources; and
  • A granite intrusion or two in the New England tablelands

While I'm looking both backward and forward. I'm looking forward to reaching 100 000 page views in the next few months. At the time of this post there were over 85 000 views though I estimate approximately 20% of these are not human visitors.

I'm also looking forward to the pocket money this blog is now helping me with. Visitors will notice advertising in the top right corner of the page. When visitors click on these ads I receive between 1cent and 80cents from Google. These ads are not ones that I choose but are placed by Google Adsense based upon the content of this page and your own Google search history. So far I've noticed ads for fracking companies, TAFE and universities and even Clive Palmers Australia Party! I've had advertising for about 2 months now and I've made enough for about 4 cups of coffee. How exciting!

Thanks to everyone for continuing to visit and comment. I appreciate comments and try to respond to all of them.


  1. Congradulations Rodney,

    I am looking forward to your future posts as they look like great topics you have chosen.

    I have been giving your ad bar a nudge each time I visit your site, so hopefully oneday it will get you more than a cup of coffee. Hope you and yours are keeping well.


  2. how may i get intouch with rod

    1. I think you found my email on the page "about this blog". So, good luck with the rock hunting near Tabulam.