Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Earth Learning Idea

I have recently come across an interesting and easy to understand site that explains earth processes in fun and creative ways. This is a site called Earth Learning Idea. By way of examples here is a demonstration of sink holes that you can try yourself (just like those I mention in the addendum to this earlier blog post):

I'm pleased to see such an interesting site. It made me wonder whether I should be more pro-active in earth science education. Recently helping to sort out a rock collection for a local environmental centre is something that I enjoyed. I've also been honoured by an invitation to do a formal presentation at this years Big Scrub Rainforest Day. I'm happy to do these things because I enjoy geology and I enjoy talking with people.

Interestingly, as a member of the Geological Society of Australia I can be more formally aligned with geology education by joining the Specialist Group in Geological Education. I just don't want to stretch myself too far as I'm already a member of three specialist groups: the Environmental Engineering and Hydrogeology Specialist Group, Specialist Group in Geochemisty, Mineralogy and Petrology and the Specialist Group in Vocanology (Learned Australasian Volcanology Association). I have another 6 months to decide... I think it is good to take time in making decision... even if this is a little one.

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