Tuesday, 1 July 2014

On the Rocks

Three of the four in my family has been hit by the Flu. The only one that thankfully doesn't have it is the newborn. I hope he doesn't get it. Now, I wish I had taken that free flu-shot that my work offered me this year! I've infected most of the family! Obviously this means that original blog posts are going to be a bit light on for a little while. So, in the mean time I can recommend some interesting bits and pieces on the internet.

On the Rocks with Wangiwriter - Catherine Hill Bay
Today Wangiwriter presented a very interesting blog post on some of the rocks of the Newcastle area, part of the Sydney Basin. The pictures are lovely and Wangiwriter tells an interesting story. I know this is a bit out of the usual subject area but the piece is worth a good look. I've been to Catherine Hill Bay and loved the scenery. The geology was typical of a section of the Permian aged Sydney Basin but well exposed and situated in a stunning historical landscape. The conglomerate shown so well in Wangiwriters photographs are part of the Newcastle Coal Measures. Specifically, they are either part of the Moon Island Beach Formation or the Boolarroo Formation. I don't know Newcastle geology well enough to know exactly which.

Thanks to everyone that has been supporting my blog. I've noticed an increase in my advertising revenue of late. Now I'm up to at least a cup of coffee a week! I'm amazed at the value of some advertising clicks. Some earn more than $1, others just a few cents. I got excited when I see that Google payed my almost $1.70 for one click. I wonder what that advertisement was! I'll never know because Google handles all the advertising in the background.

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  1. Hi Rod. Sorry to be late seeing this post! Thanks so much for sharing my blog post about Catherine Hill Bay. It is a lovely place, and now I know a bit about its geological position too.
    Many thanks. :-)