Thursday, 1 October 2015

An appeal for help

Sometimes it is hard to ask for help. To reveal yourself as vulnerable and as being in need is hard. Being a man and the expectations that come with that to be a father, a husband, a protector and provider are not easy to do. But what happens when you realise that you can’t do one or some of those things. The only thing is to ask for help. That is what I am doing with this blog post. Forgive me for using this geology blog to ask for personal help but that is what my family is in need of.

I have a five year old daughter. She was recently blessed with a wheelchair and help with physiotherapy with the help of many people from Dick Smith to the congregation of the church we are part of. But we are now again in need. She has recently commenced a programme to get her eating again. She has not eaten food by mouth for over two years. The specialist therapists now think she should be able to with the help of more specialists and hospital support in Adelaide. The cost of this programme is immense.

My daughter, Eleanor has been thrust into the media while we ask for help. Even a Television crew are coming to our house from South Australia tomorrow morning. Eleanor has been on the Daily Mail, the Northern Star, the Northern Rivers Echo and National websites such as Mammamia. My wife blogs about her and Eleanor’s journey and there is probably the most detailed information available. But we do have a fund raising website which we are promoting and asking people to contribute. Please help us if you can.

Links to the stoes can be found here:

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Rodney Holland (Geology Rod)

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