Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Blog Update #7

Just a quick post as a bit of a gap-filler. I just wanted to mention that this blog has reached a huge milestone with over discrete 150,000 page views.

I’ve noticed that CSG related topics seem to be the most popular topics, still. I heard the local ABC radio station this morning report on the baseline CSG monitoring. For some more details I had previously posted exactly the information discussed. I like it when I’m 6-7 weeks ahead of the news cycle!

But there is a high degree of interest in many other stories too. I’m pleased to see that posts on ‘ordinary’ rocks are not unpopular. These are the very rocks that lead to the soils under our feet and the plants that grow. They are the basis for our landforms from our beaches to the rugged ranges. It is the ‘ordinary’ rocks that are the most extra-ordinary in my view. I hope that interest continues.

Thank you too for the help received for my daughter. We are about 1/3 of the way to getting to Adelaide for her treatment. Here is a link to a Today-Tonight Story that featured in Adelaide last week:


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