Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Take yourselves on a tour

Bob and Nancy are experienced geologists from Armidale who have developed a range of free self guided tours for many parts of Australia and New Zealand. At the time of this post most focus on the northern parts of New South Wales and New England but continues to expand.

Bob and Nancy's Brooms Head Tour Map
Their tour home page can be found here:
or alternatively on their business site here:

I do recommend having a good look to see what is close to you or what would be worth looking at if you are traveling to other parts of the country or even to New Zealand. Bob and Nancy have done an exceptional job of developing these tour guides. They are easy to read, understand and follow.  In my view there is nothing like it available elsewhere on the web.

At the time of this blog post tours that are directly relevant to the Northern Rivers of the New England Region are: (directly linking to the PDF document from Bob and Nancy's site)


  1. Thanks for these Rod. They are excellent guides that I will use.

  2. That is great news Mark. I will use them too!

  3. These self-guided tours are amazing and they're pdf files! I will be putting the Point Lookout tour to the test next week. Thank you Rob for posting this and thanks to Bob and Nancy for their great work.