Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Do Geologists Fossick? (Happy New Year)

Oh dear, I thought I'd do better than I did in this quiz:


Andrew Alden put too many tricks in there for me to do very well at all. I'm so ashamed of how badly I won't even share my score!

The answers to the quiz can be found here:


I did however, get question 14 right...

Which of these would professional geologists probably not do: fossicking, frolicking, rimrocking, rocklicking?

When I was actually a professional geologist I would occasionally do some frolicking and almost certainly rocklicking, if I was looking for Uranium (I never got the chance) I might even be doing some rimrocking, but I technically could not be a fossicker. However, since my current profession is a step away from geology I don't consider myself a professional geologist and I can now go fossicking.

Just one of those weird things that has confused my Christmas. Speaking of Christmas, I hope all my readers had a lovely Christmas day. At least you don't have to be a professional to experience Christmas because thankfully Christmas represents a time where everyone who wants to can be freed by the actions of a person on our behalf.

Anyway, happy 2013 to all.

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